John Digance Trophy


John Digance joined the TTG Masters Swimming Club in 1983. He had some prior knowledge at setting up a swimming club from his experience in swimming at Port Augusta.

He was a quiet, dedicated club member, a very fit hard trainer who attended club functions regularly.

John competed when and wherever he could for TTG club points. He enjoyed great success and won many medals in South Australia, Interstate and overseas in New Zealand.

John was largely involved in the design of the original club uniform, tracksuit and the club logo.

John became a committee member in the 1980’s and was the nominations officer until he died suddenly. John died of a heart attack during a training session on the 5th of June 1995.

John’s family decided to honour John’s love of swimming by dedicating this Annual Award to a club member who most emulates John’s dedication and love of swimming.

For the first five years John’s family attended our AGM’s to present this award.


The club member who:

  • Swims for fun and fitness
  • Trains regularly and well
  • Is a team member and encourages others
  • Assists with club activities
  • Improves in fitness and technique

Previous Winners

1996 Jenny Mulqueen
1997 Joan Edwards
1998 Jenny Mulqueen
1999 Eithne Mayton
2000 Eithne Mayton
2001 Brian Robinson
2002 John Harrison
2003 Brian Robinson
2004 Brian Robinson and Eithne Mayton
2005 Jaquie Cavanagh
2006 Shane Starr
2007 Maddi Edgley-Smith
2008 Maddi Edgley-Smith
2009 Bob O’Brien
2010 John Gamlen
2011 Ian Thorpe
2012 Mick Hughes
2013 Mick Hughes
2014 Arthur Moraitis
2015 Janice Gill
2016 Katherine Whaites
2017 Maddi Edgely-Smith


Bernadette Shears