Club Records


Club records were first collated in 2011.  Members submitted recorded best times over many years of competition -to our Nominations Officer.

Club Relay Records were added in 2013.

Once established, members who break an existing record receive a Club Record Certificate.

When Club Records are updated on the website the date will be added to advise members of the latest version.

If you have any enquiries regarding Club Records please contact our Nominations Officer, John Gamlen or the Club Secretary.

Mens Short Course

Updated  September, 2020

Mens SC September2020

Mens Long Course

Updated January 2020

Mens LC (January2020)

Womens Short Course

Updated September 2020

Womens SC ( September2020)

Womens Long Course

Updated  January 2020

Womens LC (January2020)

Relay Records

Updated March 2020

Club Relays ( March 2020)